The Transition House’s Mission

The first objective of L’Escale MadaVic Inc. is to offer a safe house to abused women and their children. Our goal is to reduce, prevent, eradicate and break the cycle of violence.


To put an end domestic violence by finding efficient solutions and through community education.


The Transition House’s Mandate


• To provide a safe, temporary shelter and food in a warm supportive environment, to women victim of violence and their children.

• To offer a free, confidential service 24/7, 365 days a year.

• To improve the quality of life for families in our community.

• To promote the services available to women victim of violence and their children.

• To raise the community’s awareness to the existence of all forms of violence.

• To ensure the adequate and ongoing training of the employees.

• To work with organizations and associations.

• To work with other transition houses and shelters. To work with the Women’s Equality Branch staff.



Area covered


L’Escale MadaVic Inc. offers services to the Madawaska-Victoria County’s women victim of violence and their children.

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L'Escale MadaVic

P.O. Box 411, Edmundston (NB)  E3V 3L1


Phone: 506 739-6265

Fax: 506 735-5382

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