L’Escale MadaVic was created in response to the need to assist women who are victims of domestic violence and their children.



Despite efforts and several attempts over a period of ten years to establish a transition house to help women and children victims of violence, the project only came alive in November 1987, after someone was hired to study the issue.


The study highlighted that like, everywhere else, the scourge of domestic violence was present in our region. The provisional committee comprised of men and women from different backgrounds, knew that setting up such a resource would require time and effort. These volunteers therefore sought support from the government and the community to carry out the project of buying a house.


The provisional committee was replaced by a Board of Directors that shared the same vision: to offer a safe shelter, which promotes a healthy family-like relationship, wholehearted support as well as numerous resources to women who are victims of domestic violence. Since then, the structure has remained the same, namely a Board of Directors, a manager and full and part-time counsellors.


A manager and four counsellors were hired in August 1998 to establish this transition house. Their task was to renovate, furnish, repair, collect donations and see to the smooth running of the house. The transition house welcomed its first client on October 13, 1988. Statistics showed that after one year of operation, we gave shelter and services to 52 people.


Despite the challenges and problems encountered, our services are always expanding thanks to the staff, donor agencies, community support, resources and services received from others in the region. On January 13, 2013, L’Escale MadaVic moved to more appropriate and better adapted facilities, which allowed us to meet the growing needs of women and children who are victims of violence.


A great number of women staying at the shelter confided that they had been victims of sexual assault at some point in their life. The impacts of such events on the lives of those families lead our team to question the urgency of studying the situation of sexual abuses in the region.


In fall 2014, L’Escale MadaVic received funds from Status of Women Canada to study this situation in our community. A coordinator and a project officer were hired to meet the set objectives. The results clearly indicated that a centre to help victims of sexual assault needed to be established.

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