Consequences of domestic violence

Domestic violence has serious consequences on health and well-being.

It can cause PHYSICAL HARM such as:

• Bruises, welts, burns

• Dislocations and fractures

• Concussions and internal bleeding



It can be linked to other physical ailments such as:

• Nightmares, insomnia, sleep disorders

• Digestive problems and eating disorders



It can cause EMOTIONALproblems such as:

• Anxiety and nervousness

• Loss of confidence and of self-esteem

• Incapacity to make decisions independently

• Depression

• Fear, anxiety and worry

• Frequent crying

• Shame, guilt, embarrassment, resignation



It can be associated with SELF-DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOURS such as:

• Excessive consumption of alcohol or prescription drugs (sleeping pills, antidepressants, etc.)

• Substance abuse

• To become withdrawn and isolate oneself further

• Covering up the violence and pretending that nothing has happened

• Turning one’s anger against his/her children

• Refusing necessary medical treatments

• Attempting suicide

• Self-mutilation





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