Am I a victim...

Intimate partner violence refers to behaviour by an intimate partner or ex-partner that causes physical, sexual or psychological harm, including physical aggression, sexual coercion, psychological abuse and controlling behaviours.

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Does your partner...

• Tell you that are wrong regardless of what you do?

• Denigrate your friends or your family and try to keep you away from them?

• Insult you and humiliate you?

• Call you 10 times during the evening to see what you are doing, where you are and who with?

• Pressure you to have sexual intercourse to the point where you cannot refuse?

• Throw objects or break things that belong to you?

• Say degrading comments about your looks?

• Come up with excuses (stress at work, alcohol, children, traffic, etc.) to justify his mood swings?


Are you?

• Sometimes scared for yourself or your children?

• Physically abused or threatened?

• Constantly feeling incompetent, clumsy, ignorant or that you never do the right thing?

• Convinced that no other man would want you?







Do you recognize yourself in one or several of these situations? If so, then you are very likely victim of domestic violence.

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